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The free exercise videos below are organized by region of the body and by type of equipment used. Play the sample videos on this page, or click the titles to see more videos in that category.

Core exercises                                                                 7 abdominal exercise videos arranged from easiest to most difficult.  You will need a foam roll for 1 exercise and a stability ball for another.  To try workouts using these exercises, see the articles on back strengthening exercises and pilates sample exercises.


Lower back exercises                                                       5 videos for exercises that isolate the lower back muscles, also arranged from easiest to most difficult.  No exercise equipment needed other than a mat. The articles on back strengthening exercises and pilates sample exercises include the lower back exercises in a workout.

Upper body exercises                                                                                       7 exercise videos for the muscles of the shoulders and arms.  You will need a resistance band for several of the exercises.  For a full upper body workout, see resistance band exercises and for a combined upper / lower body workout, try body weight exercises.

Leg exercises                                                                                                              8 exercise videos that target muscles of the hips and thighs.  You will need a stability ball for 2 of the exercises.   For a full lower body workout, see knee strengthening exercises, and for a combined upper / lower body workout, try body weight exercises.

Band exercises                                                        6 exercise videos combined into a workout for the upper and lower body.  You will need a resistance band for this workout.


Body weight exercises                                          7 exercise videos combined into a workout for the upper and lower body.  No equipment needed, though an exercise mat may help.  

Stability ball exercises                                                                    5 exercise videos combined into a challenging workout for the core and upper body.  You will need a stability ball, and also a foam roll to try the advanced variations.

Most of the free exercise videos are about 1 minute long. Each video includes instructions at key transition points to help you perform the exercises correctly. Many exercises have multiple levels of difficulty, so you can easily make your workout easier or more difficult.

As mentioned previously, there are a number of articles that group these exercises in 15 minute workout routines.  See below for more details.

Back strengthening exercises
Exercise routine for the deep muscle layers that support the spine, including all 4 abdominal muscle groups. This is a great introduction to developing a strong, balanced midsection.

Knee strengthening exercises
Target the thigh, hip, gluteus, and calf muscles that work together to support and control the knee joint. Improve your balance and muscle tone.

Pilates sample exercises
A more intense version of the above back strengthening exercises. The videos on this page help you develop greater control over your body movements.

Easy at home exercises 
A full body strengthening routine designed for beginners and for people who are getting back in shape after a layoff from exercise. No equipment is needed for this routine.

Stability ball exercises 
A challenging upper body and core strengthening routine. Build strength and develop balance in your torso and shoulder girdle.

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Back strengthening exercises
Illustrations and 7 videos. Core exercises included.

Knee strengthening exercises 
Challenge your thigh, hip and leg muscles. Improve strength and balance.

Body weight exercises 
Illustrations and 6 videos. Upper and lower body exercises.

Pilates sample exercises 
A short, intense routine with videos, illustrations.

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