Leg exercises

Below are videos of the leg exercises found on whyiexercise.com. The videos are organized by level of difficulty, with the easiest being first. Each video is about 1 minute long. Follow the onscreen tips so that you will get the greatest benefit from these exercises.


#1 Bridging

#2 Prone leg curls

#3 Wall slides with an exercise ball

#4 The Star

#5 The Chair

#6 Stability Ball Curls

#7 Step Back Lunge

#8 Step Ups

Many of the exercises above have varying levels of difficulty, so you can adjust them as desired to make them easier or more difficult. For example, Bridging is a much more challenging exercise on one leg. On the other hand, if the video of Step Ups looks too difficult, try the exercise from 1-2 stairs rather than a high platform as shown. 

There are also several articles that combine the exercises into 15-20 minute workouts. The articles include detailed illustrations and more specific instructions. See below for more information.

Knee strengthening exercises
Target the thigh, hip, gluteus, and calf muscles that work together to support and control your knee joint. Improve your balance and muscle tone while reducing your risk of injury.

Body weight exercises
Resistance training for the upper and lower body, including 4 of the exercises on this page. All of the exercises can be done at home without equipment. Train your body to generate more force and power with movement. It will make activities like lifting, squatting and stair climbing much easier. 

Easy at home exercises
3 of the exercises on this page are combined into a total body routine designed for people who are new to exercise or just starting to get back in shape. 

Resistance band exercises
Get a surprise thigh and glute workout by incorporating the step back lunge into an upper body resistance routine. You'll get a lot done in a short time with this routine!

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