Why exercise

Exercise videos, illustrations and science to keep you moving forward.

Exercise Videos                                                 Learn the proper movement patterns for upper body, core and lower body exercises by following along with 1 minute videos during your workout.  Instructions at key transition points help you understand the exercise movements.  

Illustrations                                                     Visualize and achieve good posture during your workout by matching what you see in the exercise illustrations.  Each exercise is illustrated using lifelike figures.  The detail in the figures makes correct exercise technique clear and obvious. 

Science                                                                                                 Find out whether you're fit enough to be healthy by taking physical fitness tests.  See the proven advantages of improving your strength, endurance and body composition. 

Why exercise?

You’ll feel better right away, and notice improvement within weeks!

Did you know that beginners improve the fastest when they exercise? The “Before and After” photos you see in fitness books and infomercials show how quickly the body responds to exercise. Even one exercise session can improve your circulation and mental focus. After one month of consistent effort you’ll enjoy noticeable results in strength and energy. You’ll even see the difference in the mirror. As you build your health and physical fitness with consistent exercise, you'll enjoy many benefits along the way.

Why exercise?

Specific routines will help you take the stress off of overworked muscles and joints.

You can choose from a number of free home exercise programs right here on this site. There are flexibility and strength routines, and workouts that target specific areas (lower back and core, knees). Several routines on this site help to correct common muscular imbalances, which will help you prevent discomfort and injury.

You’ll also be able to follow a guide that shows you how to exercise at home. If you are new to exercise, it will take only 12 weeks to develop an active lifestyle that is proven to reduce your health risks substantially. Learn how you can include sports, hobbies, and other physical activities you enjoy into your workout plans and still get great results.

Ready to begin?

Find out how your health and fitness compares to your peers with several well researched physical fitness tests. Using the tools on this site, you’ll have a complete fitness profile that you can use to track your progress in the weeks ahead. Your results are analyzed to show how much you need to improve to lower your risk of serious health concerns, which is great for setting goals. 

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Progressive Core Strengthening        Train your muscles safely.  Develop your strength continuously.  

Correct Posture                                       See why it's the #1 answer to back pain.

Rob Cowell, PT is the author of whyiexercise.com and the new book, Progressive Core Strengthening.  This website was created from his knowledge and experience in physical therapy, fitness and athletics. Thanks for visiting!

I have been in PT for years for back, neck and knee problems....I'm doing better than ever and have started weights again thanks to you.

Sharon G.