Health and physical fitness

The life changing effects of consistent exercise

Longevity, health and physical fitness are more closely related than you may realize. Years of medical and health research has gone into comparing the life habits of healthy and unhealthy people. The studies found that people who successfully avoid obesity, heart disease, diabetes and related conditions have made exercise a part of their long term way of life. Active people generally enjoy a better quality of life, longer life and lower health care expenses than sedentary people.

The following articles show in detail why it’s worth your time and effort to become more fit. You’ll see exactly how much difference health and physical fitness can make in your everyday life. For example, people who are physically active 3 hours per week or more have a significantly lower risk of premature death than sedentary people. (It's a 27% difference!) 


Benefits of physical fitness
Personal health and fitness directly relates to your quality of life, affecting your decisions, activities, opportunities, and more. Compare the effects of active and inactive lifestyles. Analysis of TV time included. 

Definition of physical fitness
Are you able to get your work done without a sense of strain or fatigue? Physical fitness also has to do with how well your body works for you in everyday life. See how you measure up to this standard of well-being.

Motivation to exercise
9 effective ways to jump start your drive to exercise. Includes several of the author's personal stories and 3 exercise videos.

Reasons to exercise
Fitness reaches far beyond a trim physique with toned thighs or six-pack abs. Compare 2 case studies, and see the impact health and physical fitness has on vital parts of your life, such as your career and finances.  

Benefits to exercise
How much is your 3 hour weekly investment in exercise worth? When you exercise consistently, you'll enjoy benefits for the long term (longevity) and even the very short term. In fact, your workouts can improve body chemistry and physiology within minutes.  

Benefits of aerobic exercise
Though not part of the recent fads in exercise, moderate cardio exercise is a safe, effective way to start an exercise program. Cardio training causes your body as a whole to operate more efficiently, so that you can exercise or work harder with less effort.

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Physical fitness tests 
How do you know if you have good physical fitness? Some of the best physical fitness tests are easy to do at home and require very little equipment!

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