You can reliably test your own physical fitness without much equipment.

Physical fitness tests

Find out whether you are fit enough for optimal health benefits.

You can reliably test your own physical fitness without much equipment.

Many of the most helpful and reliable physical fitness tests are easy to perform at home and require very little equipment. When you take the tests, you can compare your results to your age-group peers.

For example, an average lady in her 40s has a VO2 max (cardio fitness score) of about 32. Her grip strength is 68 lb (31 kg), and her waist is about 39 inches. How would you compare?

Your health care provider can help you be sure you can take any strenuous tests safely.  Exercise testing is generally safe, but major complications such as MI or heart arrythmias have been reported in clinical settings as often as 5 times per 10,000 strenuous exercise tests.  

Physical Fitness Tests: Do-It-Yourself Cardio Tests

Reliable, easy-to-follow tests for all ability levels are included below. Even a one-mile brisk walk can give you valuable info about your potential for long-term health and longevity. Pick a test that suits you and get your cardio fitness score!

The Rockport Test is a one mile walk at your best pace.

Rockport Walking Test 
This simple test makes it possible for non-athletes to find their VO2 max. Walk 1 mile for time, and enter your heart rate into the fitness calculator. The better your score, the lower your risk for future health issues.

Cooper test run

Cooper Test                                                     An excellent fitness standard and a highly reliable health measurement. This article covers a prep workout to find your pace, a pre-test warm-up session, and tips for staying on pace throughout the test.  Guidance for the 1.5-mile run and the 12-minute run (both versions of the Cooper Test) are included.

3-minute step test: an easy at-home self test of your cardio fitness

3-minute Step Test                                          This is an easy, quick, effective screen of your cardio fitness, and a reliable alternative to running-based tests. Grab a 12-inch step and follow along with this video.  You’ll get a research-backed score that you can use 2-3 months later to measure your training progress. 

research supports a faster walking pace for seniors

Walking speed for seniors                                    Seniors who walk faster live longer! Test your walking speed, build your strength, and improve your balance reactions for a faster walking pace.  Pre-test warm-up and a routine to strengthening your walking muscles are also covered.

Calculate your Health Metrics from these Physical Fitness tests

This free E-Book includes VO2 max calculators for walking and running tests plus BMI, Waist-To-Hip Ratio and Waist-To-Height Ratio calculators with science-based longevity standards.

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Physical Fitness Tests: Strength Tests

Grip strength, Why I Exercise

Grip strength                                                          Is average grip strength good enough for long-term health? This article describes the advantages of training your grip, showing the age-group strength standards you’ll want to match for better health and well-being. Test & develop your strength effectively using minimal equipment.

Physical Fitness Tests: Do-It-Yourself Body Composition Tests

Complete your profile by taking body weight, waist, and hip measurements with the other physical fitness tests. A person with a healthy weight or body composition has, on average, a substantially lower risk of numerous chronic conditions along with the best chance of healthy longevity compared to overweight and obese peers. Get your test results from all three articles below for the most reliable results.

Body mass index research helps you set meaningful weight loss goals.

Body mass index                                        

The science of body mass index (BMI) has revealed that even small improvements in your body weight can make a difference in your long-term health. Use the latest research to find your optimal weight and set meaningful goals that will keep you motivated. 

Waist-to-hip ratio, a standard for all body types

Waist-to-hip ratio                                       

Learn how to take accurate waist and hip measurements for a research-backed assessment of your body fat distribution. Compare yourself to current standards. Studies show that having a small waist compared to your hips comes with significant health benefits. 

Woman measures her waist circumference

Waist circumference                                         

If you find yourself losing inches when you're trying to lose weight, you may be benefitting more than you realize. Find out how much you can improve your healthy longevity with a waist less than half your height or a waist visibly smaller than your hips.

After 6-12 weeks of consistent training, come back and take these physical fitness tests again to check your progress.

Are You Getting Enough Exercise For Optimal Health?

Get reassurance about all aspects of your exercise training, or learn where to improve to get the long-term health benefits you need. 

Measure your fitness metrics (including VO2 max) against scientific standards for health and longevity, and get specific, meaningful benchmarks to aim for as you work toward your ultimate fitness goals. 

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Physical fitness articles

VO2 max helps keep you fit later in life.

VO2 max                                                       

VO2 max impacts our performance, our health, and even our survival!  Find out whether you’re fit enough for optimal health and top performance. See the average VO2 Max for your age group and find out how much you need to improve your fitness to lower your health risk significantly.

Low VO2 max and survival rate from middle age

Low VO2 max                                                     

Low VO2 max is proven to affect our survival rate and quality of life. Find out why you may be struggling with cardio conditioning and what you can do to overcome it. 

Why are some seniors so much more active than others?

Have we been aging too quickly?

Exercise and inactivity impact the ways our bodies age. With this in mind, how could (or should) we be aging? You’ll see in-depth, research-based scientific analysis of the aging process, plus inspiring examples of healthy aging. 

Definition of physical fitness
Are you able to get your work done without a sense of strain or fatigue? Physical fitness also has to do with how well your body works for you in everyday life. See how you measure up to this standard of well-being.

Benefits of physical fitness
Personal health and fitness directly relates to your quality of life, affecting your decisions, activities, opportunities, and more. Compare the effects of active and inactive lifestyles.  TV time has a greater impact than you might expect.

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