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"I love this book!"

"Core strength is a key part of athletic performance, fitness and maintaining a healthy back. In his book, Progressive Core Strengthening, Rob Cowell has made it easy to understand what it takes to train the core effectively. I've personally observed Rob's development as an athlete over the past several years. Rob has transformed his own life through techniques in this book and I'm sure the same will happen for you if you follow his plan."

Tony Horton,
Creator of P90X

For this website, whyiexercise.com:

"An excellent tool for patient care…"

As an occupational therapist and an assistant professor in a master-level occupational therapy program, it is so important to educate our patients and students about calories, calories burned, METS and the importance of task analysis... 

Rob Cowell’s web site (whyiexercise.com) and charts regarding household tasks and exercises by fitness level and calories burned have been an excellent tool for patient care and instructional material for our first year students.  The charts are clear and succinct which yields an excellent educational tool.  Thank you, Rob.

Penny Rogers, MAT, OTR/L                              Department of Occupational Therapy                                 University of Mississippi

*Note:  The instructional charts can be found in my article about Metabolic Equivalent.

"I'm doing better than ever and have started weights again…"

I have been in PT for years for back, neck and knee problems. The PT was great but the exercises were vague. I had been stretching nearly everyday for 20 years (I was a massage therapist), and did strength training before the injuries.

Compared to my PT in the past, your site has clear, well illustrated sequences. I started with the knee strengthening exercises on whyiexercise.com after my favorite PT moved out of town.

I'm doing better than ever and have started weights again thanks to you. I've found that proper stretching, strength and cardio are the BEST pain relievers ever.

I've always used exercise dvds (usual workout between 20-30 minutes) because they are time efficient. Many exercise videos just don't work for me because they are too strenuous or the moves are way too fast to keep good form (not good for healing). But you are exceptionally skilled at keeping the exercises safe, and you have good, clean technique.

Thanks for the motivation! I can't thank you enough.

Sharon Gallagher                                               Phoenix, AZ

"I like everything about this website!"

The information has been very helpful for me, exactly what I was looking for. (I just wish it could all be translated to metric.) I feel so motivated to continue being strong and healthy. Exercise makes me feel SO good, both physically and mentally. I couldn’t live without it & I do something every day except Sunday...one day off to relax and cook a nice Sunday dinner.

Judy Wingrove                                                          Kelowna, Canada

For the e-book, Correct Posture:

"This is a wonderful book."

It has great information for people who already exercise as well as for those who are "exercise phobics".  Rob has a way of simplifying complex concepts so that it's easy to understand the science behind the exercises, making this a very user friendly book.  

The illustrations are very easy to follow.  They show, from various angles, the right way to do the exercise as well as the wrong way.  Additionally, there are illustrations that show you where you should feel the stretch.  Very helpful and reinforcing.

Lauren Price                                                                 Los Angeles, CA

I loved the illustrations of stretches and strengthening exercises!

I love Correct Posture for all of the illustrations and step by step directions on correct form. I use it along with the videos on whyiexercise.com.  Both this book and whyiexercise.com have helped me with low back pain and increased my overall core strength.  I use information from the book & website on a daily basis and I've shared what I learned with many others. Thank you!

Kelly Brockmann                                                          Fort Wayne, IN

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