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Find your VO2 Max with our fitness calculator.

The Rockport walking test is the easiest way for you to determine your cardio fitness level. All you need is a stopwatch and a flat surface that is one mile long. Just enter your results in the calculator and look up your score in the chart below.  How much difference does it make to have a good score? Improving your VO2 Max score by just 3.5 points can reduce your risk of premature death by 13%. You would have to lose nearly 3 inches from your waist for a similar health benefit! (1)

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Note: This test is most accurate for non-athletes and people who are unable to jog. If you are a good runner, the Cooper Test is the best measurement of your fitness.

Directions for the Rockport Walking Test

1) Walk as quickly as possible for one mile. It's important to maintain a steady pace for best results.

2) Enter your time in minutes and seconds into the calculator above.

3) Take your pulse immediately after completing the mile. (If you don't take your pulse often, practice before you take the Rockport walking test. With your palm facing up, place your fingers gently over the thumb side of your wrist and feel for your pulse.)

4) Once you have your pulse, count for 10 seconds. Multiply this number by 6 and enter it into the calculator also.

5) Look up your results and find out which physical activities are best for your fitness level on the charts below. 

Ladies' fitness test charts 

(Figures shown are VO2 Max scores)

Ladies in their 40s with a VO2 Max lower than 24.5 (Poor) had a 39% higher risk of contracting diabetes than their more fit peers (2).

For young ladies ages 13-29, see the chart below for your fitness rating. Find your score from the calculator, then look just to the right on the chart to see your VO2. For a more exact VO2 rating, multiply your score from the calculator by 0.78.*

Men's fitness test charts 

(Figures shown are VO2 Max scores)

Men rated in the highest 1/3 of fitness (just below Excellent or better) have a 39% lower risk of heart disease and stroke than their peers in the lowest 1/3 (just above Poor or worse). (3)  Premature deaths among obese men could be reduced by 44% just by improving fitness above the poor category (4).

For young men ages 13-29, see the chart below for your fitness rating. Find your score from the calculator, then look just to the right on the chart to see your VO2. For a more exact VO2 rating, multiply your score from the calculator by 0.83.*

Want to learn more about the best ways to test your health and fitness?  Check out this video below. 

Download my free eBook, The Five Most Important Health and Fitness Tests.  This guide is the perfect starting point to help you track your health risks and keep them as low as possible.  You'll be able to set exercise goals for what you truly need to develop and maintain good health and fitness.   *Continue reading to pick workout routines and activities that are a good match for your score on the Rockport Walking Test.

Choose workouts that match your fitness level

The charts below help you pick workouts and physical activities that match your ability level. Find your fitness level (VO2 Max score) on the left, and then you'll see a Metabolic Equivalent rating for moderate, vigorous, and hard workouts. Next, look at the bottom half of the chart, which shows activities that have just the right exercise intensity for you. Choose from even more workouts and physical activities here.

*Note:  the reason you need an additional calculation for young people on this test is that the Rockport walking test was originally designed for ages 30+.  When researchers tried the test on college students, the results came out consistently too high. (5)

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